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Monday, February 27th, 2017
Welcome to the Walrus Group.  We're a privately held strategic design group, headquartered in Asheville, NC, that works with a wide range of select clients and projects of technological or design interest.  You might know us from the work we've done for some of the world's most respected brands, or from the lines we produce for consumer software applications like Apple's iWork and iLife suites.  We help our clients bridge Branding, Marketing and Strategy into intelligent, integrated cross-media communication solutions through applied design and technology.  It's not about awards.  It's not about "cool" or the latest trend.  It's about understanding our clients and their audience and building the right type of bridge between them.  It's just our nature.

Latest News

05.16.2006: Updated at long last...
We don't often have the time to update our own site, but at 3 years on the old site was just a bit too outdated - so we've set up this site as a sort of snapshot of our current activities. We'll try to update more frequently now, but no promises :)
04.03.2006: OM for Pages (iWork '06) Released
The OM templates for Pages, like their Keynote counterparts, blend classic print styling with a crisp and soothing framework, creating a defined structure around the interplay of color and accent. [more...]
01.18.2006: EP Edition Themes Unveiled
We're pleased to announce our all-new EP Edition Themes - three of your favorite KeynotePro Themes reformatted and optimized for export + use with the Fifth Generation iPod with Video. A KeynotePro exclusive. [more...]
01.18.2006: Eclipse Sighting at 2006 CES Show
Thanks to Allen B. for a link to Engadget's coverage of Paul Otellini's Keynote at the 2006 CES show - showing in the first photo what appears to be an in-the-wild sighting of our KeyStation Eclipse HD theme used to preface the show.

DaimlerChrysler: smart™

Custom Keynote Theme

Custom Keynote Theme for the innovative smart™ line from DaimlerChrysler. The theme seamlessly integrates existing brand photography with little more than a drag + drop - allowing the presenter to make any presentation highly customized to the pitch in a range of styles while maintaining tight brand consistency.
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Featured Projects
From Print and Branding, to the Web and the Screen - our work crosses all major mediums and markets with an eye toward keeping the message consistent and effective, no matter where that message may turn up. We actively seek flexible, maintainable design solutions at every step of the process, whether we're an accent to a larger process, or carrying an entire brand forward with a new look and strategy.
House Brands
Since the formation of The Walrus Group in 2000, our partners have expanded upon our core, client services foundation into additional ventures, both B2B and consumer oriented, creating an expanded network of specialized services and products.

Walrus Group LLC

Our core operation, the Group traces back to 1996 - when partners Jim and Sarah Bradley founded Savage Arts, an independent design firm that worked exclusively with the music, film and post-production markets. As we evolved into The Walrus Group in 2000, we expanded our reach to include more traditional corporate communication and advertising markets while maintaining our operational emphasis on small, agile teams - folding in additional core competencies in video and film production and post-production alongside our print, branding and interactive media operations. This unique, born-of-interactive culture has evolved in the ensuing years - creating a hybrid firm that bridges the capability and expertise of the traditional agency model with the agility and intimacy of the newer interactive boutique model. The success of this approach is apparent: from client-centric efforts for some of the world's most respected brands to our own consumer-oriented brands - we've developed a reputation for no-nonsense, results-driven creativity that our customers and clients turn to time + time again.


What began as an experiment in direct-to-consumer design and commerce has become, in three short years, the preeminent online destination for professional-grade Themes and Templates for Apple's iWork and iLife application suites.  KeynotePro.com launched in the Spring of 2003 with our PitchBoards line - a theme set designed to enable film and video professionals to bring Keynote's ease-of-use to digital storyboarding and pitch presentations - instantly opening an untapped professional market for Apple's newly-released presentation software while staking a new high-ground for flexible, off-the-shelf presentation designs.  In the years since, KeynotePro has expanded to offer a wide range of highly-acclaimed presentation themes and document templates, pushing the line forward with a continuing tradition of firsts including HD themes, real-time motion graphic integration with Quartz Composer, and our latest EP Edition Themes optimized for exporting elevator pitches to the 5th-Generation iPod with Video.

Ideration LLC

Ideration is a web-based brand development platform designed to accelerate brand development and other decision processes while reducing total cost-to-market for medium to large-scale enterprises. Developed by The Walrus Group in partnership with Jim Tebay Associates, Ideration provides the tools you need to manage, shape and extend your branding initiatives with ease. Ideration, built on our own Designation Server, can also expand your creative options by opening your efforts to a larger pool of talent and resources - as a stand-alone option, or in a supplemental “double blind” fashion with a traditional agency engagement to enlarge the creative process.



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Select Clients

We collaborate with a wide variety of clients, both large and small, across an expanding range of industries and markets. From corporate heavyweights to emerging startups and independent writers, directors and filmmakers, we dig in deep with our clients - getting to know their organization, their message and their audience. We craft the strategy, the look and the experience that gets an audience's attention and holds it.
Walrus Group LLC

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Employment Opportunities
We're always glad to hear from talented artists, designers, programmers and directors. Please forward your digital resume (PDF, Doc or Pages format), along with links to relevant work available online, to Human Resources for review. If we have an opening available on a current or upcoming project, we'll touch base - otherwise we'll keep your information on file and contact you as positions are available.

The Walrus Group is currently seeking applicants for the following positions:

iWork Production Specialist

Work with Design Team to produce Themes/Templates for iWork

Walrus Group LLC (Asheville, NC) is seeking an experienced iWork Production Specialist to work with our design team in producing themes and templates for Apple's iWork suite, both for client-custom projects and direct-to-consumer projects for KeynotePro.com. Extensive knowledge of Keynote/Pages theme and template production best practices is a must, and successful applicants will be able to demonstrate fully-realized projects produced in both applications. Must be able to translate design-specification files into working themes and templates, working alongside our design team to produce final-distribution product. iLife/iDVD theme production expertise welcome but not required. This is not an entry-level position, and successful candidates will have a full range of relevant knowledge and skills borne of experience. This is a Full Time position, located in Asheville, NC - local applicants or applicants willing to relocate prefered.
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